The pleasure of owning a brand new car

Having your own brand new car feels different each time, depending on how you manage to buy it in most cases. If you live in Romania and your financial situation isn’t right on top of the middle class, buying a car means a lot of effort and wait…. That is if you don’t want to take it out on leasing or loaning from the bank.

These days taking a loan can be quite risky because your job can be over in any minute… and then what? So you just hang on to the dream and try to buy a new car on your own, putting money aside from each salary. Month after month after month.

“So where is the pleasure in that?” you might ask. Well, the pleasure is not in the wait, but is in the moment you buy it.

Everything begins with the moment you start looking for the perfect model, the one that says “you”, the one that you know fits your needs best. Need of speed, comfort, liability. It’s sitting right there, it’s the perfect color, the perfect brand, the perfect shape. Touch it. Say goodbye to the money you earned in so many months of hard work.


You smell the brand new leather on the wheel, you close your eyes and gently push the breaks to stop at the red light. It’s shiny, smooth, yours.

1st gear. 2nd gear. 3rd gear. 4th gear and you are just flying away wherever the hell you want to go. Freedom, that’s the word. Freedom. Bring everything you want with you, an umbrella, food, people, clothes, the real joy of having a comfortable seat and a safe roof over your head is making those months of wait worth it.

Oh, the freedom. Nobody can really stop you now, just forget about everything, just drive. Do whatever you want. Nobody can stop you now, because you are driving your own brand new car, owing nothing. No money, no explanations, no worries.

There is no other feeling like this one. Not even your first kiss with all those shivers down your body. Not even the first bite into that delicious homemade pie your mother used to make. You know why? Because now the shivers go down, down straight into the wheels now. Brush the highway. Brush the wind. Stop. Go slow. Fast. Wherever, whenever, however.

This is how I’d sell a car because it’s not always about mommy and daddy buying it for you, it’s not always about why you need it, actually in the end it’s not even about you. It’s about her and the pleasure of driving far away, it’s about that feeling of absolute freedom that you so rarely get in life.


Weird or just brilliant?

The subway is going fast in the tunnel, a lady that I recognized immediately from the shop I was in earlier stops right beside me. I don’t read my book this time, I choose only to look at the people around me. But right on my left there is a print that I just couldn’t stop noticing. I can’t figure out what the print is about at a first glance, even the writing seems fuzzy to me.

I thought I was too tired to understand, but then I realize this is just a weird print… or a brilliant one? I am incapable of figuring out the product the print is referring to so I start looking for more info. After I understand the meaning and the name of the product, I take a picture thinking it was just stupid and I have to show it to the world.

2013-05-14 19.29.15

The idea that the print may actually be brilliant hits me in the head as I am writing this down. What was my first reaction when I saw it? “What the fuck is Eoo Breeze?” And what did I do next? Look for information. Did it stick to my head? Yes, it did.

So this Eoo Breeze may be just a foolish mistake or just a strategy to make you read the rest of the print. Knowing the sneaky advertisers, which one do you think it is?

P.S. If you behave I’ll tell you what the product is in a commentary below, but first take a guess.

Where are the mAD Men?

We all waited for this season of Mad Men like crazy! The first two seasons were really awesome, you had those 60′s hot smoking men, those beautiful women and… above all – ADVERTISING! The 4th and 5th seasons were pretty OKish. With the new firm and then with the struggles the series did not begin to fall apart so we had high expectations for season 6.

Looking at how Mad Men started and where it is now, I’m starting to feel really disappointed. There is nothing exciting to it, no intrigue, no soul, no good story and, again, above all, too little ADVERTISING! Where are the great speeches Don used to have?

And talking about Don, because he is the main character, he seems off the track not only at the agency, but even in his personal life. Yeah, he’s cheating again, but it seems to me he has definitely lower standards :D , also not as hot as he used to be (right, ladies?). He looks pretty much wasted all the time and somehow… dried-up!


I must admit I never expected he’d cheat again, he seemed pretty satisfied with the French Megan, but hey… I guess the producers are trying to say what we all know: once a cheater, always a cheater!

All in all, I do think Mad Men is coming to an end. Truth is, there are few TV Series that lasted 6 seasons without losing the audience. As much as I love Mad Men, I’d like for it to end at the right point rather than see it going from good to bad to worse. Let’s just hope this is not the case :)

P.S. The one thing I did like very much was the Heinz fight that Peggy won, that shows how the apprentice can beat the master, a pretty realistic point of view I might say.


Attraction, Ads, Renault

Love is a very, very, very common subject. We all talk about it, we all write, think, sing, paint and, if we are lucky, feel it. Advertising makes no exception. The big word in this whole equation is “ATTRACTION”. If love is the feeling that bonds two people that are attracted to each other, advertising is the one that bonds the products to their customers. 

Instead of selecting great commercials that use love as a bait, I found on Renault’s official Youtube channel an experiment. You may be disappointed by the final result, but it’s pretty interesting to watch.

I don’t exactly know what the purpose of this experiment is or why Renault did it and I don’t really wanna know. I could search on Google and maybe find out the idea that was implanted in my head watching the video, but I’m just going to take it as it is. It’s not like I’m ever gonna have enough money for that red Clio anyways :D

Let me know what you think about the whole thing.

Primim bannere si advertoriale pe Time for Ads

Acum un an am decis să construim Time For Ads ca un loc virtual unde să putem scrie despre campanii și reclame. Încet am început să ne axăm pe publicitatea din afară, să aducem în prim plan ideile ingenioase care au propulsat produse, servicii, care au crescut brand-uri. În fine, totul a început din pasiune pentru publicitate și pentru creativitate, pasiune pe care încă o avem din moment ce scriem zilnic pe site și pe rețelele sociale.

Pe parcurs am avut tot felul de planuri care au avut sau nu succes și iată că am ajuns la momentul în care trebuie să dăm cărțile pe față.

Pentru ca proiectul să capete un sens mai mult decât giratoriu vrem să ne extindem. În primul rând, atacăm sensibilul capitol bani. Hosting-ul costă, domeniul costă, curentul electric costă, internetul costă, timpul oamenilor care se documentează și scriu aici costă, așa cum e firesc.

Ca să ne putem dezvolta câtuși de puțin oferim spațiu de bannere pe blog și site în schimbul unei anumite sume care va fi discutată în privat. De asemenea, scriem și advertoriale, în funcție de numărul de cuvinte se va stabili din nou o sumă.

În al doilea rând, ne adresăm site-urilor asemenea nouă, iubitorilor de publicitate și comunicare, creativilor, clienților și chiar celor care studiază acest domeniu. Suntem deschiși propunerilor de colaborare (link exchange, guest post ș.a.m.d.) și parteneriat, tot ce trebuie să faceți e să ne contactați la office (at) timeforads (dot) ro


În al treilea rând, ne adresăm celor care ne-au susținut și care cu siguranță ne vor susține în continuare. Ne-ați face un mare bine dacă ați răspândi mesajul nostru prin care încercăm să concretizăm ceva.

Am vrea să fiți alături de noi dacă acest proiect se dovedește a fi cu adevărat începutul unei aventuri/povești frumoase. :)

Sursă foto

Cu ce vine nou Windows 8?

Asta s-au întrebat clienții dintr-un magazin IT care voiau o demonstrație a noului sistem de operare lansat anul trecut pe 23 octombrie. Un video devine viral instant mai ales când în spatele lui stă o companie așa mare ca Microsoft. Dar stai puțin, că nu brand-ul face viralul, ideea face viralul!

Nu vă spun mai multe ca să nu stric surpriza, vedeți mai jos ce se întâmplă la demonstrații. Sfârșitul e chiar reușit, cu siguranță vă va aduce un zâmbet pe buze. Nu mai pierdeți vremea, dați play!

Apasăăăă-l, apasăăăă-l! :)