The pleasure of owning a brand new car

Having your own brand new car feels different each time, depending on how you manage to buy it in most cases. If you live in Romania and your financial situation isn’t right on top of the middle class, buying a car means a lot of effort and wait…. That is if you don’t want to take it out on leasing or loaning from the bank.

These days taking a loan can be quite risky because your job can be over in any minute… and then what? So you just hang on to the dream and try to buy a new car on your own, putting money aside from each salary. Month after month after month.

“So where is the pleasure in that?” you might ask. Well, the pleasure is not in the wait, but is in the moment you buy it.

Everything begins with the moment you start looking for the perfect model, the one that says “you”, the one that you know fits your needs best. Need of speed, comfort, liability. It’s sitting right there, it’s the perfect color, the perfect brand, the perfect shape. Touch it. Say goodbye to the money you earned in so many months of hard work.


You smell the brand new leather on the wheel, you close your eyes and gently push the breaks to stop at the red light. It’s shiny, smooth, yours.

1st gear. 2nd gear. 3rd gear. 4th gear and you are just flying away wherever the hell you want to go. Freedom, that’s the word. Freedom. Bring everything you want with you, an umbrella, food, people, clothes, the real joy of having a comfortable seat and a safe roof over your head is making those months of wait worth it.

Oh, the freedom. Nobody can really stop you now, just forget about everything, just drive. Do whatever you want. Nobody can stop you now, because you are driving your own brand new car, owing nothing. No money, no explanations, no worries.

There is no other feeling like this one. Not even your first kiss with all those shivers down your body. Not even the first bite into that delicious homemade pie your mother used to make. You know why? Because now the shivers go down, down straight into the wheels now. Brush the highway. Brush the wind. Stop. Go slow. Fast. Wherever, whenever, however.

This is how I’d sell a car because it’s not always about mommy and daddy buying it for you, it’s not always about why you need it, actually in the end it’s not even about you. It’s about her and the pleasure of driving far away, it’s about that feeling of absolute freedom that you so rarely get in life.


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